97% Stroke Free and a Golf ball

Hello Beautiful People,
It’s been 14 months since Andrew 2.0 was born, and yesterday I saw my stroke specialist for a review. I am now 97% fully recovered!!!
My stroke deficits are now invisible. Which is a double-edged sword. People can’t see or understand if I become sensorily overloaded or if I have become cognitively fatigued or that I even had a stroke. And I still need to ration out my energy each day.
He also showed me an MRI of my brain so I could see the affected area. The Stroke (well, the two strokes) occurred deep in my brain in the white matter, near the thalamus. It destroyed an area about the size of a golf ball. I was shocked it was so large an area, and I was able to make so much recovery despite its size.
My recovery is in no small part due to my husband Sean, who has encouraged and pushed me gently from the start but knows the signs of my invisible deficits and makes me rest. I love you more than words can say or write.
My dear friend Bea Lemm has also helped with regular Zoom calls, Ayurvedic therapies, and long chats exploring old wounds. Thank you, dear friend.
What’s coming up for me? My book in 2023. Also, be on the look out for my Podcast “Long Story, Short”, where I share Stopps stories, my stroke experience and talk to guests about anything and everything. And I will start advocating and raising money for other Stroke and traumatic brain injury survivors to help them pay for their rehab and recovery.
As always, my eternal love and gratitude to you all for being there for Sean and me. Your reading and responding to my posts encourages me more than anything.
Andrew 2.0 xxx